look what I made

At first it was hard but then I got the hang of it.

Then I put in my dolls they looked so cute.

This is me with my dolls and bed.

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Me and My Dog Cocoa!

This is my dog Cocoa! We've had her for 5 months now!
She's a Boxer, and is 14 years old(Human Years). She can sit, lay down, and when I pat my chest she stands up, and puts her paws on my chest!

I love my Cocoa! She's a really good dog. She listens to me, but I don't really like it when she runs out of the gate! -_-

Good Bye, tabycat

Cocoa Love...
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The Two Lost Teeth!

It was really funny when my to tooth came out.  One time,  I  was eating    bread.  Then, it fell out.  Oh yeah! On the fieldtrip it was cool when I  saw    the DUMP!  Then,  I ate a  cookie and then my other tooth came out.   

love, tabycat


Me and My Cat a story by me...

me and my cat   
by taby
me and my cat play in the park with my friends.   
my friends are joey, amy, and don and in the wagon.
me and my cat were in the wagon and my mom called us over
because we are going shopping.  
then we came back home to play again.  
we went in the house to  get   some  chocolate milk.  
then we went again outside to  play.  
then we came back in the house to  take a  break.  
then  we  went  to  bed.

the   end

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New Playground at School!!

Here I am at school and the new playground was finally finished last week.

We are only allowed to play during Lunch Recess.
I really like the yellow slide, and the chain climbing thing!

bye, tabycat

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